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A simple way to improve your everyday! Improve your flexibility, reduce stress, experience faster recovery and enhance your overall athletic performance!

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Thurston Personal Training
Our trainers will develop a customized training program Built with science and delivered with passion, that fits your body, lifestyle and budget.

Jake’s Shakes

And Juices
The freshest, locally-sourced ingredients in all of our delicious, nutritious shakes, and juices.
Sculpt And Tone

Program includes: Personal Training, iCardio and Meal Planning.

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Build And Define

Program includes: Personal Training, LIFT and Meal Planning.

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Meet Seth
With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, Seth Thurston has transformed lives and empowered people to maximize their ability to engage in the sport of life. He has lead many on the journey of full- body transformation through the use of cutting-edge scientific methods that enable people to reach their health and fitness goals.
Meet Bri
Master Trainer
As a NPC Bikini Competitor, Brianna will wiil help you reach your goal with experience, knowledge, and passion! Teaching you to lift properly so that you can feel strong, confident and healthy— infusing a healthy combination of weights, cardio and nutrition.
Meet Our Team
Master Team
Build with science and delivered with passion, we will develop a personalized training program that fits your body, lifestyle and budget.
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Services At The District

Experience what you’re been missing at the Fit District!

All the way from life and body changing 1 on 1 personal training, meal planning, to relaxing stretching classes— leaving you feeling accomplished and feeling amazing!

The District was designed to create a neighborhood friendly atmosphere with fit-centered boutique food and services.

We do this by offering At The District service combined with our local, vetted and fit-centered affiliates.

1 on 1 Personal Training

Reach your goals with our best-in-the-industry professional and experienced personal trainers.

We will help you reach your goals with a customized regimen, cardio plan, and accountability to keep you motivated and on track.

1 on 1 Personal Assisted Stretching

Our specialized 1 on 1 assisted stretching is a relaxing way to improve your Movement and give your body the increased range of motion it needs. Feel limber, loose, stay injury free, and enhance your personal performance today!

Meal Planning and Nutrition Counseling

We give you every tool that you need to be successful! That includes a science made personally crafted nutrition plan targeted at your goals!

LIFT Classes

Our specialized class called “LIFT” is designed to maximize muscle and definition through our spot focused training style and semi private environment.

iCardio Classes

Our specialized class called “iCardio” provide a high energy, motivating, full body heart training workout that will burn fat and tone in semi private environment.






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